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Small mural - Bright Walls 2022

Fueled by a lifelong fascination with the Kingdom Animalia, Zoo62 artist Ted Lefere draws on over three decades of traditional studio art experience to create custom wildlife or pet portrait paintings.


Each piece is hand painted with pro-grade acrylics on gallery-wrapped canvas. Proportions are respected, but colors may be heightened, backgrounds simplified, and the subject carried over the canvas edge.  With both deliberate and chaotic brushstrokes, the finished works have been described as "slightly stylized realism", and are ready for display.

Prices are quoted based on the type of pet/animal, quality of the reference photo, and the canvas size, and start around $325 for a 12" x 16" of a single subject.  Extra for cats.  Not really.  But maybe.  Pay upon receipt - and only if satisfied.


Ted lives in Michigan with his family of humans and other mammals.  Contact him to immortalize your pet - or one of your other favorite beasts.

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